My first commit

From the more relaxing .po files I went back to the challenging ones. I could finish preparing.po, random_bits.po, post_install.po and using_d-i.po. Then came the exciting part: when I sent the diff files to Christian, he said it is time for me to do my own commits, so he added my guest-user to the d-i team on Alioth. I still had to add my own SSH key, and wait patiently, until I could do my very first debian commit! It felt dangerous πŸ™‚ But everything went well.

Although the Program is ending tomorrow, now I can contribute anytime I have some spare time – and I am planning to, because there are 3 .po files still to go!


First two .po-s of the Install Guide ready

Since my last post, it turned out that there is in fact a Hungarian translation for many parts of the Install Guide – but it needs serious face lifting πŸ™‚ So after reading half a book about Subversion, I checked out the .po files, and started working on them. Welcome.po was a piece of cake. Then I jumped right to hardware.po (don’t ask me why, I was probably looking for the challenge :). That was hard work,Β  a lot has changed concerning hardware, since the last Hungarian translation – and, of course, I cannot say I am familiar with them. To translate the texts correctly, I needed to do a lot of web surfing to find out all about the architectures, and processors, and multipathing, etc. For my next .po, I will choose something more relaxing… there are 14 more .po-s to go!

From Installer to Install Guide

At the beginning of January, I finally finished reviewing, modifying, and completing the sublevel 2 strings of the Debian Installer. After my mentor, Christian Perrier checked it in, I was so proud to see it onΒ

Instead of going on to sublevel 3, I have started to get familiar with the Installation Guide, which does not have a hungarian translation at all so far. To create one, I have to learn about Subversion and DocBook – both of which I have not used before. So, let’s give it a try! πŸ™‚


Holiday Season Translations

Holiday Season is a time for doing something good: which involves doing something for the communities you are in. One of my new communities is Gnome OPW Program, so I started working on the new translations I received from Christian Perrier: sublevel 2 for the Debian installer. I remembered it to be much faster, from my first contribution – but it may be because of all the cakes and wine and late nights with friends πŸ™‚ Anyway, there are 2 more days from this year and I am planning to spend it very effectively! Good luck to all the other ladies in this program, and Happy New Year everyone!

Accepted for the Outreach Program for Women organized by the GNOME Foundation!


After my first ever contribution to the Open Source Society, I just couldn’t wait to hear the results of the OPW acceptance. 5 minutes before the announcement deadline, I was at an airport, and I still received some questions from the mentors. I had to board the plane, so it took 14 hours more to learn the results: I was accepted to the program! πŸ™‚

I will contribute by translating to Hungarian; I hope it will make it easier for a lot of people in my country to switch to Debian. I would like to thank Christian Perrier for committing my first translation – there is a lot more to come! I am also excited to be part of this community of enthusiastic ladies, and the broader FOSS Community!